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Scott’s marketplace


Scott’s Marketplace brought me on board to manage social media strategy and management for their organic and paid national marketing campaigns. I also led public relations efforts for the startup brand.

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project overview


  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation (store and customer signups)

  • Transactions (sales conversions)


  • Key message development

  • Paid and organic social media strategy development

  • Paid social media advertising campaign management

  • Social media advertising campaign strategy and management for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter

  • Influencer marketing strategy and management

  • Public relations strategy and management

  • Community and partner outreach and engagement


the results

  • Developed and executed multi-platform, evergreen social media strategy resulting in 34% online traffic growth in first four months with an 11% increase in sales.

  • Managed multi-platform social media branding overhaul resulting in 476% online traffic growth from new users YoY.

  • Decreased acquisition costs by more than 30% on social media advertising campaigns in first three months.

  • 60% conversion rate on national grassroots outreach strategy for SHIFT10.

  • 90% increase MoM on Facebook lead generation campaigns.

Artboard 89.png
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I worked with Scott’s Marketplace from 2015 – 2018.